Exclusive beauty and rigorously tried-and-tested quality in 2 versions.

Experience paired with excellence are the cornerstones of TPS’s manufacturing philosophy, solidly embodied by the exclusive IXTEX finish, available in 2 versions, which stands out clearly for its aesthetics and performances.

IXTEX MATT is an innovative, soft–touch, matt lacquer finish. It’s achieved by means of an elaborate UV coating hardening process made possible by the particularly evolved technologies the company is now equipped with. It adds a pleasant, silk-effect feel to the refined and modern elegance of the 3 gloss matt finish.

TPS - Pannelli XTEX

IXTEX WOOD is an unprecedented, transparent, matt finish for wood. It’s achieved by applying the IXTEX MATT finish to wooden surfaces. It pairs the appeal and the pleasant feel of the 3 gloss matt finish with a natural look while offering a degree of abrasion and scratch resistance that has never before been achieved by a finish applied to wood.

finiture pannelli legno

ILUX is a special gloss lacquer finish. Its exceptional shine – corresponding to 96-97 gloss – results from an accurate UV lacquering cycle applied to a semi-finished panel faced with melamine resins in exactly the same colour, delivering aesthetic perfection and a refined visual appeal that adds depth to the finish.

finiture laccate lucide


An extensive and constant availability of IXTEX MATT lacquered panels in 14 basic colours, of ILUX lacquered panels in 8 basic colours and of IXTEX WOOD panels in 3 versions with a total of 5 options means that TPS can satisfy just-in-time orders whenever they arrive. This is made possible thanks to a large warehouse featuring advanced storage criteria, a high production capacity, flexibility and evolved process organisation.


The quality of the IXTEX MATT, IXTEX WOOD and ILUX finishes meets the aesthetic and performance standards requested by furniture manufacturers who offer their products to high and medium-high end market sectors.

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